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Interview with Niveditha

Associate Editor, Niveditha Subramaniam, in conversation with Sravasti Datta from Metro Plus, The Hindu.

Let's Catch The Rain! in Postnoon

Vinod Lal Heera Eshwer shares his thoughts with Postnoon on his latest book, Let's Catch The Rain!

Interview with Deeya, Science Picture Books

Fiona Fernandez asks Tulika Editor, Deeya Nayar, about the First Look Science Picture Books

Deepa Balsavar's Round and Round

New Indian Express asked Deepa Balsavar all about Round and Round books

Vinod's interview in the Metro Plus- part 1

Interview with Sravasti Datta, Metro Plus, for Vinod's book Let's Catch The Rain!

Vinod's interview in the Metro Plus- part 2

Part 2 interview with Sravasti Datta, Metro Plus, for Let's Catch The Rain!

First Look Science Picture Books

Time Out, Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai carried the same write up on First Look Science Picture Books

Nandini Nayar- Guddu's Photo

Interview with Nandini Nayar for Guddu's Photo, Hyderabad

Tulika's CBSE books

Mid-Day carried a write up on our CBSE recommended books

Jeeva's Interview for the Express

An interview with Jeeva and the art of storytelling after a session with The Pleasant Rakshasa

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